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Double-glazing upgrades for aluminium window frames

We are one of the few companies in Ireland with the skills and resources to successfully upgrade aluminium windows.


We retrofit the latest in heat-retaining glass into your existing aluminium window frames. This will reduce the existing single glazing U-value of 5.8 to a U-value as low as 1.0, giving you an 82% improvement in heat-retention.

If you have double-glazed aluminium windows installed before 2004 they will have a U-value of over 3.2. So ENERGLAZE replacement glass will still deliver an almost 70% reduction in heat loss.

High insulating values

Window glass that has good insulating values will make your home more comfortable. This is partly because it allows less heat to pass through to the outside. But there's another reason - the inside surface of better insulated window glass will be warmer. When you stand or sit by the window, your body won't lose as much heat to the window as it would to a colder surface. Sometimes the draught that people feel from windows isn't due to air movement, but the fact that we radiate body heat to the cold window surface. 

In addition to improving comfort, window glass with a high insulating value is less likely to have problems with internal condensation. This is a particular problem with older aluminium and it occurs when warm, moist indoor air comes in contact with a cold surface, such as poorly insulated window glass.


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We upgraded the double-glazed glass in our aluminium frames. Excellent service throughout and very happy with job. No mess no fuss and friendly staff. We wish them the best of luck going forward"D. Mahon, Dundrum
- Aluminium double-to-double glass upgrade, keeping existing frames

We had a mix of window frames - teak single glazing in one part and aluminium single glazing in the other. The house was cold but we really didn't want to change the window frames. Energlaze sent 2 different crews to our house. One team of carpenters worked on the teak windows and the other worked on the aluminium. They did an excellent job and we are really feeling the benefits"F Walsh, Gorey, Wexford
- Teak single-to-double conversion and aluminium single-to-double conversion

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