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8 Times More Heat is Lost Through This Building Material Than all Others

Heat loss can be a serious problem for even the most modern homes.

READ POST Jan 03, 2017

Ultra-thin double-glazing for Older Buildings

Pilkington Spacia™ is a truly remarkable energy-efficient glazing product.

READ POST Nov 25, 2016

The Layman’s Guide to Glazing Options: Know Your U-Values

“Of all the components of a building, it is through windows that most heat is lost.”

READ POST Nov 11, 2016

How the Houses of the Future will be Climate Proofed

The changing climate of the Earth is already affecting our buildings. See how the buildings of the future will be climate proofed.

READ POST Nov 10, 2016

How Better Glass can Help Save the Planet

Policy responses to the need to save energy in domestic housing often overlook the role of glass.

READ POST Nov 09, 2016

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