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8 Times More Heat is Lost Through This Building Material Than all Others

Heat loss can be a serious problem for even the most modern homes.

READ POST Jan 03, 2017

Red-brick Houses: an Energy Guide to Making your Period Home Warmer

The owners of period houses are faced with particular problems when it comes to making their homes more energy efficient.

READ POST Mar 02, 2016

How to Address External Condensation on Glass

Fitting modern low-emissivity glazing does increase the chances of external condensation but this is not a fault in the glass or the windows.

READ POST Jul 24, 2015

Home Renovation Incentive (HRI) Scheme ENERGLAZE registers 230 customers so far!

To date nearly 230 of our customers have applied for or are in the process of claiming €160,000 worth of free money from the HRI scheme. We expect to triple this number before the scheme ends this year.

READ POST May 04, 2015

External Condensation on Windows

From time to time, we receive enquiries about the appearance of external condensation on glass.

READ POST Oct 20, 2014

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