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Spacia technical specifications

Pilkington Spacia™ provides a cost-effective method of improving the energy efficiency of older homes where the choice of glazing is restricted, or where the original frames are to be retained as a feature.

  • Pilkington SpaciaTM features the world’s first commercially available vacuum glazing – to bring a new standard of warmth and energy efficiency to older buildings.
  • Pilkington SpaciaTM vacuum glazing consists of an outer frame of low-emissivity (low-e) glass and an inner frame of clear float glass. Air is extracted to create a vacuum, rather than being filled with inert gas.
  • The outer pane enables sunlight to pass through the window for greater energy efficiency (solar gain).
  • The inner pane is designed to reflect the heat from fires and radiators back inside.


Title Size
Pilkington Spacia™ Brochure 2443 KB
Pilkington Spacia™ Handling and Glazing Guidelines for Finished Sizes 339 KB
Pilkington Spacia™ FAQs 104 KB
TDS Pilkington Spacia Stii 1315 KB
TDS Pilkington Spacia Cool 1315 KB


The Width of Single Glazing - The Warmth of Double
Cavity Glass
U-Values Thickness
Spacia Cool 3mm 0.5mm 3mm No 0.9 6.5mm
Spacia STII 3mm 0.5mm 3mm No 1.1 6.5mm
Slim Double 3mm 3mm 3mm Yes / Krypton 2.1 9mm
Slim Double 4mm 4mm 4mm Yes / Krypton 1.9 12mm
Slim Double 4mm 5mm 4mm Yes / Krypton 1.7 13mm
Slim Double 4mm 6mm 4mm Yes / Krypton 1.4 14mm
Slim Double 4mm 8mm 4mm Yes / Krypton 1.3 16mm
Slim Double 4mm 10mm 4mm Yes / Krypton 1.2 18mm
Slim Double 4mm 12mm 4mm Yes / Krypton 1.1 20mm



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