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New Low-E-Plus

Up to 70% more efficient than standard double-glazing

What is low-emissivity glass?

Low-E-Plus Heat Retaining Glass Low-emissivity glass (low-e glass) is an energy-efficient glass designed to prevent heat escaping through your windows to the cold outdoors. Low-e glass has an invisible coating which dramatically reduces heat transfer and reflects interior heat back into your room. Think of it like a mirror; low-e glass works in a similar way except it reflects heat back into the room.

Many older double-glazed units do not contain low-emissivity glass and are therefore not energy-efficient. By replacing your existing window glass with low-e glazing, you can improve the energy efficiency of your home, reduce your monthly heating bills and do your bit for the environment.

ENERGLAZE Low-E-Plus glazing units have a low U-value. They can reduce the heat-loss from your existing windows by as much as 70% when compared to older double glazing with no low-e coating.


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The table below gives typical U-values for different areas of a modern house and shows the effect of added insulation.
Note that these are typical values.


Your Frames. Our Panes

ENERGLAZE are different in that we upgrade glass panes as opposed to complete windows. We keep your window frames, providing they are in relatively good condition. We manufacture a bespoke double-glazed unit to suit your existing window frames. Therefore, we can specify the best type of glass and configuration to suit your frames. Most window frames have old double glazing and so the existing glass units will have U-values of 2.8. Our units have a U-value of 1.0.

We can give you a better energy-efficient glass unit (lower U-value) than most new windows.
How is this possible?

The majority of new windows have been made to accommodate a 28mm double-glazed unit. This is made up of two pieces of 4mm glass and a 20mm cavity, making a total of 28mm. The U-value for the glass in this configuration is 1.2. ENERGLAZE have found that the majority of existing window frames in Ireland can only accommodate a 20mm or 24mm double-glazed unit. Our Low-E-Plus units work to optimum effect in these sizes and actually decrease in efficiency in the 28mm units.


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