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U-Values Explained

U-values measure how effective a material is as an insulator. The lower the U-value, the less heat is lost and the more insulation the material provides

When selecting materials for construction, builders will choose good insulators to reduce heat energy losses. Unfortunately much of our existing housing stock does not have adequate insulation. Retrofitting, therefore, is becoming increasingly popular.

ENERGLAZE offers homeowners the opportunity to retrofit their existing windows with the latest in thermally efficient double-glazing glass units. This is done without changing your existing window frames (provided they are in relatively good condition).

The table below shows the U-values of the various materials used in a building. Of all these materials, glass is the poorest insulator. You can see that more heat is lost through windows than the same area of wall.


   *refers to centre pane U-value of glass

ENERGLAZE offers homeowners the opportunity to substantially reduce the heat loss from their existing windows by simply upgrading the glass units.

  • They can be retrofitted into existing window frames.
  • It costs up to 50% less than a complete window replacement.
  • There is little or no redecorating required afterwards.


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U-Values Explained


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