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Energy-efficient glass from ENERGLAZE

Windows can be a source of heat loss, requiring increased energy-usage to maintain a comfortable temperature. Replacing the heat lost through your windows results in increased energy bills for your home.

The solution is to make sure your windows include energy-efficient glass. New Low-E-Plus glass from ENERGLAZE has been developed to reduce energy loss through your windows by up to 82% compared to single glazing, and by up to 70% compared to standard double-glazing. it also takes advantage of the free heat energy from the sun to help reduce your heating bills.

Low-E-PlusHow it works

The high performance of Pilkington energy-saving glass is achieved through the combined use of two special types of glass, which make up the insulating glass unit. We use special low-emissivity (low-e) glass for the inside pane, which not only reflects heat back into the home to reduce heat loss, but also allows in heat from the sun (solar gain). We use Pilkington Optiwhite™, an extra-clear low-iron glass for the outside pane, allowing the sun's free energy to pass through to the next pane, thus maximising the benefits.

Suitable frame types

Low-E-Plus glass is suitable for any type of frame (uPVC, timber and aluminium). This high-performance double-glazed unit is available in Ireland from ENERGLAZE and can be retrofitted into existing window frames.

By upgrading the glass in your existing windows using energy-saving glass from ENERGLAZE you will improve the overall insulation level of your home and benefit from heat from the sun. So you can save money on your energy bills and do your bit to help the environment.



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