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Conservatory Roof Finishes

There are three tile finishes available with the Guardian Roof to provide a sunroom sympathetic to the finish of the existing house roof.


How it works
The classic sunroom shape. Together with attractive roof windows, the Edwardian Guardian Roof is the traditional safe bet for styling and convenience. The Edwardian design also helps to maximise the room space.

Victorian Guardian
The Victorian Guardian Sunroom offers contemporary styling for customers looking for more options in relation to door position, etc. Its 3-facet design is an attractive alternative to the Edwardian style roof.

Lean-to conservatories often run in straight lines along the back of a house. The ends of the lean-to can be finished vertically or with  one or two hips (slopes) at the ends. Both these types of conservatories maximise the available space created.

Increase your options and create a multi-functional space for all your requirements. Simply combine the benefits of two styles to create your own living environment. 

Timber / uPVC Cladding Finish

The timber or uPVC cladding finish is becoming more and more popular with customers and fitters alike.
Timber is warmth itself and marries perfectly with roof windows. uPVC cladding is also available in timber finishes and other contemporary styles.

Plaster Finish
The most popular “traditional finish” to the sunroom.
Complete with downlighters, the plaster finish is an excellent base when the customer is considering colours for painting.

Roof Windows
Roof windows are supplied on an optional basis to complete the authentic finish to the sunroom.
Operated manually or by remote control, these provide light and character to the sunroom.

Guardian Shingle
Far more durable and better value than traditional asphalt roofing products, Celuplast's Guardian shingle will stand good for years to come. The Guardian shingle's 193 km/h wind warranty makes it one of the most enduring roofing products available today.

1) 6.35cm Hailstone warranty
2) Interlocking design prevents leaks and adds duarabilty
3) Battenless installation for lower installation costs
4) Lightweight at 54.55 kg per 9.29 m2


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